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BugbusterSoftware is an Android application company.

Our first offering is a prayer card application. This Android application will help you keep track of prayer concerns and assist you during your prayer time.

Use this application while you are praying to help you remember concerns and things to pray about. Using this app can help you fulfill your promise to "pray for you".

It is recommended that you create a card for each member of your family, 1 to 3 cards for people who are suffering, several cards for each of your friends, 1 card for a non-believer, a card for church leadership, a card for your small group, a card for ministries/missionary efforts, 1 to 3 cards for world or cultural issues, 3 cards for work, a card for a co-worker,

3 to 5 repentance cards, and 3 to 5 hope or big dream cards.

Each card has a place for the card title such as a person's name, and a related scripture. The user can add one or more prayer concerns for each card.

This application has been enhanced and now has the following features:

    • easier navigation between prayer cards by swiping

  • link a picture to each card

  • ability to set a reminder for a prayer concern that notifies you via the android status bar

  • ability to share a concern via Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS

  • ability to backup the data for the application to the SD Card

Thanks for your interest!

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